What is Timothy Brindle Ministries?

close-up of Timothy Brindle

Timothy Brindle Ministries exists to serve Christ’s Church by making known the glory of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation.

Naming a ministry after yourself may sound self-centered. But the purpose of Timothy Brindle Ministries is patterned after Paul’s ministry, in which he served Christ’s Church by making known the riches of the glory of Christ in the gospel which he understood as the fulfillment of the Old Testament (Col. 1:25-29).

Thus Timothy Brindle’s preaching, speaking, teaching, writing, and music seeks to show how the entire story of the Bible presents the gospel of Jesus Christ’s new-creation kingdom by means of His death and resurrection, which His Holy Spirit applies to our lives through our union with Christ, by faith. In other words, the central message proclaimed by Timothy is that the Resurrected Christ rescues His people from the reign of sin’s guilt and the reign of sin’s enslaving power in order to bring us into life-giving fellowship with Himself for all eternity (Col. 1:13-14).

Who is Timothy Brindle?

Timothy Brindle has been making Christ-centered hip-hop since 2003 in which he uses lyricism to expound the truth of Jesus in Scripture. His most recently released album and its corresponding book, The Unfolding, was written to show how the entire Bible is God's one unfolding plan of redemption in Christ.

Timothy's upbringing in the city of Pittsburgh immersed him into urban culture. As a non-Christian, Timothy began battle rapping in 1997 during his Junior year of high school. He migrated to Philadelphia in 1999 to pursue a career in underground hip-hop, as well as a life-style of wickedness. In God's sovereign mercy, He rescued Timothy a week before 9/11/2001 from the authority of darkness, and transferred him into the Kingdom of His Beloved Son (Col. 1:13). Timothy's salvation interrupted a secular solo project produced by Josh Wann (Deejay Essence), whom God also brought to saving faith. A few weeks later, he met Shai Linne who discipled him through the book of Romans, and helped him get plugged into a local church. The fruit of Timothy's new life in Christ resulted in his first album, The Great Awakening (2003), released on Josh Wann's new Christian Hip-hop label, Lamp Mode Recordings, which also released Killing Sin, The Restoration, and The Collective albums.

Formerly a public school teacher in the School District of Philadelphia and a Social Worker in North Philadelphia, Timothy Brindle sensed the call to gospel ministry and completed the Masters of Divinity program at Westminster Theological Seminary in May 2016, and the Master of Theology program in Old Testament in May 2020. He is currently in the PhD program in Old Testament, while serving full-time as the Senior Advancement Officer at Westminster. In their 16 years of marriage, Timothy and his wife Floriana have been blessed with 9 children, including 1 who has gone ahead to glory. Timothy Brindle is a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church of America and serves as Assistant Pastor at Olive Street Presbyterian Church.